Orange zBLISS CBD Bitters – 4 oz


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Orange zBLISS CBD Digestive Bitters – 4 oz

600 mg./4 oz = 5 mg CBD per mL

We all need a boost at times, and citrus is the answer! Enjoy three orange cultivars and zBLISS signature blend of Frankincense, Clove and CBD. These bitters pair well with hot tea, sparkling water, Rum and Bourbon cocktails, such as an Old Fashioned or Moscow Mule.

Ingredients: water, alcohol*, tangerine concentrate, spices*, and natural flavorings (from whole botanicals)*, *Frankincense,*Clove (*organically grown)

Hand-crafted in the beautiful Pacific NW, our Botanical Bitters are created with special attention to flavor, therapeutic benefit, and botanical purity. Bitters are best taken before a meal to support digestion. 

Take a dropper full in a small amount of water, tea or soda water shortly before a meal. If you suffer from heartburn, start with a very low dose and increase slowly as tolerated.



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